Travel with us through spectacular landscapes and futuristic cities to the cultural heart of China

Journeying through China is to experience a vast, ancient land, formed over many centuries by powerful imperial Dynasties, who expressed their political might with lavish palaces. This is a country enriched by the remote monasteries and gleaming temples of Chinese Buddhism and where the evocative names of its most iconic places alone are enough to stir the wanderlust of even the most reluctant traveller; the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City of Beijing and the Terracotta Army.

In the face of rapid urban development, traditional street life still bustles amid the towering skyscrapers of futuristic mega cities. In the tranquil countryside, the exotic rice terraces, fertile hills and limestone peaks of the south contrast with the sweeping desert and turquoise lakes of the high Tibetan plateau, one of the world's most mysterious, isolated and mythical regions.

Country Facts

Language: Mandarin & Cantonese - Capital: Beijing - Time Difference: GMT +8 Hours - Flying time from UK: 10H 10M Non-stop -  CurrencyYuan

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Beijing & Forbidden City

Beijing is a city of contrasts; cosmopolitan and dynamic, yet deeply traditional and full of rich history. An ever-evolvi…

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Great Wall of China

One of the world's most mythical and alluring constructions, the Great Wall of China is an enduring symbol of Chinese st…

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Terracotta Army by Colin Capelle - licensed under CC

Xian & Terracotta Army

This historic walled city was the starting point of the legendary Silk Road, today it is famed for the 8,000 figures of t…

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PudongSkyline by Pjt56 - licensed under CC


Bold, futuristic and in a continual state of development, it is the country's biggest metropolis, with a collection of sk…

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Master of the Net's garden in Suzhou by Rita Heine - licensed under CC


Historic Suzhou is a picturesque city of beautiful gardens, traditional Chinese pagodas and narrow canals spanned by ston…

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Wuzhen 5020 by Jakub Hałun - licensed under CC

Ancient Water Towns

Traditional wooden houses jut up to one another, reflecting in the sleepy canals, which are crossed by a myriad of gracef…

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Hangzhou West Lake 7575 by Jakub Hałun - licensed under CC

Hangzhou & West Lake

Widely acknowledged as one of China's most beautiful cities, Hangzhou enjoys an enviable location on the banks of the Wes…

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Hong Kong at night by Daxis - licensed under CC

Hong Kong

As you gaze out over the forest of towering skyscrapers of Hong Kong's world famous harbour, it is difficult to imagine t…

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Li River at Dusk in Guilin, China by Edwin Poon - licensed under CC

Guilin & Yangshuo

Seen at sunset, the unique landscape of Guilin is perhaps the most magical in all of China, lent an added air of majesty …

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Longsheng Rice Terrace by severin.stalder - licensed under CC

Longsheng Rice Terraces

The enchanting countryside around Longsheng is some of the most photogenic in China. Layers of spectacular rice terraces …

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Qutang Gorge on Changjiang by Tan Wei Liang Byorn - licensed under CC

Yangtze River Cruises

Passing fertile paddy fields, remote temples, misty mountains and dramatic gorges, a cruise here is a relaxing and inform…

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panda trio sichuan china 2011 by chensiyuan - licensed under CC

Chengdu & Pandas

Chengdu is China's fifth-largest city, but in contrast to some other urban centres, it has managed to preserve an atmosph…

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乐山大佛 by kevinmcgill - licensed under CC

Leshan & Mount Emei

The Giant Buddha of Leshan is the size of a three story building. It sits at the confluence of three major rivers and loo…

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China Shangrila by Thorsten Martens - licensed under CC


Shangri-La exhibits all the traits of Tibetan culture - barley cultivation, yaks, lamas, monasteries, butter tea and pray…

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Black Dragon by Miltos Gikas - licensed under CC


Lijang is spectacularly located close to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which combines with the Black Dragon Pool Park an…

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Dali_14122012-006 by Thomas Fischler - licensed under CC

Dali & Erhai Lake

Dali is an ancient city, decorated with beautiful temples and traditional pagodas. It lies on the shores of the majestic …

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Shilin Yunnan China Shilin-Stone-Forest by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas - licensed under CC

Kunming Stone Forest

A sea of towering powerful limestone pillars rise side-by-side amid lakes, ponds, forests, caves, underground rivers and …

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Potala Palace by Will De Freitas - licensed under CC


Lhasa is the cultural, political, religious and historical centre of Tibet, one of the most fascinating regions in the en…

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Yamdrok Lake, Tibet 2 by Esther Lee - licensed under CC


Today it is possible to explore Tibet and its desert landscape, dotted with shimmering high-altitude turquoise lakes, rem…

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namtso lake and snow-capped mountain by yuen yan - licensed under CC

Lhasa to Xining Train

Journey past spectacular Tibetan scenery to the city of Xining and its spectacular Qinghai Lake.

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