The Americans may be coming, but the history, culture and Caribbean charm is here to stay

One of the most complex, controversial and downright fascinating countries in the world has been a magnet for visitors the world over, long before the door at the bottom of America was unlocked. For all the concerns for what this might mean for a famously cocooned and inward-looking island, extra visitor numbers and superficial changes cannot mask the rich vein of culture and heritage which permeates Cuba, nor ever change the essence of what makes it so special. The crumbling facades remain, classic cars and horse-drawn carts still shuffle around colonial era towns and the revolutionary air hasn't yet dissipated. The cities of Havana, Trinidad and Santiago, maintained in a perfect time-warp, transport you back to the 1950s, whilst white sandy beaches, deep blue skies and azure waters invite you to take life at a pace more in-keeping with the easy-going nature of the fiercely proud and friendly inhabitants of this intoxicating Caribbean island.

Country Facts

Language: Spanish - Capital: Havana - Time Difference: GMT -5 Hours - Flying time from UK: 10H 10M non-stop - Currency: Cuban Peso

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Havana, Cuba by ilkerender - licensed under CC


Havana is an old yet vibrant city which has magnificent buildings next to beautiful, newly built cafes, restaurants, muse…

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Varadero boasts more than 20 km of white sandy beaches and is the most developed of all Cuba's resorts.

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Noon In Trinidad by Bud Ellison - licensed under CC


The Colonial city of Trinidad is one of Cuba's most marvellous sights. The historic city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a…

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Scenic views of Cienfuegos, Cuba by Joe Ross - licensed under CC


The quiet provincial town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, close to the Bay of Pigs, site of the infamous failed invasion…

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Baracoa, Cuba by PIVISO - licensed under CC


Baracoa is a quiet, historic, provincial town worth visiting by anyone who enjoys walking around the streets for a feel o…

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Santiago de Cuba

Unlike other Cuban towns, Santiago has a lively and cosmopolitan mix of Afro-Caribbean flavours, due to the influence of …

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Vinales Pin Cushions by Dan Stretton - licensed under CC


Viñales features the fascinating large hills that rise from the red earth, covered in lush green vegetation and riddled w…

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Beach on Cayo Ensenachos by Stephen Colebourne - licensed under CC

Santa Maria & Ensenachos

With pristine beaches and clear waters, this is an ideal beach gateway for those who prefer more exclusive hotels and few…

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