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Sunrise at Machu Picchu - June 2010 by Bill Damon - licensed under CC


Home to the ancient Inca civilisation, Peru combines stunning mountain scenery of the Andes with a fascinating Spanish colonial history and …

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Galapagos land iguana. by Simon Matzinger - licensed under CC


Ecuador, offers stunning Spanish colonial cities, indigenous villages with weekly local markets, the dense jungle of the Amazon rainforest, …

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Mexico-5765 - Temple of the Winds by Dennis Jarvis - licensed under CC


From pristine Caribbean and Pacific beaches, to rugged mountains, canyon railways of the interior, dense jungle, fresh water cenotes and May…

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Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Lima Pix - licensed under CC


Brazil is a country of fantastic natural beauty, where the spirit of carnival and the rhythm of music and dance are shown in an energetic l…

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EL OVEJERITO by Eduardo Amorim - licensed under CC


Home of the Tango, Gauchos, Patagonian Glaciers and the stylish European-style capital of Buenos Aires.

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Atacama by Danielle Pereira - licensed under CC


Chile has the Atacama Desert in the North and the glaciers of Patagonia in the south with a central, temperate Lake Region.

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Rio Aguajitas, Costa Rica by Trish Hartmann - licensed under CC

Costa Rica

The Pacific coast, the central mountain range and the Caribbean coast, generate a wide range of habitats, ideal for birdwatching. National P…

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Cuban Street by Balint Földesi - licensed under CC


Discover 1950's nostalgia in the Caribbean, exploring the rustic streets of Havana and loose yourself in the character and charm of characte…

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Canapa Lake, Bolivia by - licensed under CC


Landlocked and stretching along the high Andes, from Lake Titicaca, birthplace of the Incas, to the remote salt flats of Uyuni. Bolivia has …

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IMG_8259 by satanoid - licensed under CC


Enjoy the myriad of islands and atols of the Barrier Reef, ideal for swimming in the turquoise sea or explore the dense rainforest, Mayan si…

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Atitlán by alq666 - licensed under CC


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Day 445 by Oisin Prendiville - licensed under CC


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Long Bay Beach, Big Corn Island by descubriendoelmundo - licensed under CC


Rich colonial history and architecture, in a country that has recovered from a turbulent recent past. There are beautiful islands, lakes and…

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Strand in der Karibik by dronepicr - licensed under CC


The famous Panama Canal uses water from rivers, lakes and the dense pristine rainforest, to raise the waterlevel for ships to cross the lock…

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US Virgin Islands: St. John's by Reinhard Link - licensed under CC


Idyllic beaches with palm trees, coral reef and superb resorts providing glamour and excellent cuisine.

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IMG_3695 by ravas51 - licensed under CC


Isolated and tempestuous, the "White Continent" is the ultimate destination for an educational voyage to explore the frozen wilderness.

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Santa Teresa fort guardhouse by Marcelo Campi Follow - licensed under CC


Bordered by Brazil to the North and Argentina to the South and West, Uruguay is an oft-forgotten corner of South America, yet considered by …

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Kuaymayojo - Monumento natural Cerro Autana by Fernando Flores - licensed under CC


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Off the beaten track and very basic in many places, The Three Guyanas are an ideal place for those who want discover a place where Latin Ame…

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Gentoo Penguins on Saunders Island by Liam Quinn - licensed under CC

Falkland Islands

"Raw and unspoilt" two of the first words many visitors use to describe the sure-butsubtle lure of the Falkland Islands. This is a place for…

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