South America is a vast continent with a wide variety of landscapes, wildlife, ancient cultures and modern cosmopolitan cities. The countries share interwoven histories of colonisation by the Portuguese in Brasil and Spanish everywhere else, dating back to the time of Columbus and the age of conquest. This strong European colonial influence enshrines the whole continent in a familiarity that contrasts with the remnants of powerful indigenous civilisations, providing an exotic blend that all inquisitive travellers will long to experience.

Consider the impressive remains of the ancient Inca civilisation in Peru and Bolivia, and Andean mountain landscapes stretching along the Pacific coast from Colombia in the north, through Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, all the way south to Argentina and Chile. The Amazon rainforest covers an immense area, including parts of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, with pristine virgin forest, wildlife and jungle lodges. Cruise the Galapagos Islands, Chilean Fjords and Glaciers of Tierra del Fuego or venture into Antarctica. The national parks of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile are the perfect places to embrace the great outdoors, walking in the mountains and admiring glaciers at close range. Travellers will also find beautiful sandy beaches and sophisticated cities such as Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires with world class arts, shopping and culture, and high quality cuisine, hotels and restaurants to match.

In South America the seasons are reversed so it's Summer while we shiver in the Winter.

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Rio de Janeiro by Emilio García - licensed under CC

Rio de Janeiro

The Marvelous City has become synonymous with laid-back Brazilian beach culture and breathtaking scenery.

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Brazilian Amazon by Visit Brazil - licensed under CC

Brazilian Amazon Lodges

Escape civilisation to secluded areas of pristine rainforest, and immerse yourself in the untamed wilds of the jungle.

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Machu Picchu Sunset by Perou Magique - licensed under CC

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is probably the best known Inca site in South America, and one of the most recognisable ruins in the world.

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Bariloche by Danielle Pereira - licensed under CC

Bariloche & Lake District

Set between the towering Andes in the west and the plains of Patagonia in the east, the Argentinean Lake District is a pa…

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Cuernos del Paine by azdiaz1002 - licensed under CC

Torres del Paine

Snow-covered mountains, dense forest, turquoise lakes and electric-blue icebergs await in Torres del Paine.

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Galapagos land iguana. by Simon Matzinger - licensed under CC

Galapagos Islands

This stunning archipelago, Darwin's living laboratory of evolution, provides unique opportunities for viewing wildlife at…

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Iguazu Falls

Twice as wide and a third taller than Niagara, the Iguazu Falls are one of South America's most extraordinary sights.

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Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Sacred Valley is characterised by traditional agriculture, bustling markets and outstanding Inca ruins.

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Alpacas in front of Chimborazo by Hans Stieglitz - licensed under CC

Riobamba & Avenue of Volcanoes

The road South of Quito is known as the 'Avenue of the Volcanoes', and passes through the highlands, between towering sno…

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