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Rio de Janeiro by Emilio García - licensed under CC

Rio de Janeiro

The Marvelous City has become synonymous with laid-back Brazilian beach culture and breathtaking scenery.

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Pelourinho - 1 by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo - licensed under CC

Salvador da Bahia

The colourful streets of Salvador de Bahia are the best place to experience Afro-Portuguese culture in Brazil.

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Havana, Cuba by ilkerender - licensed under CC


Havana is an old yet vibrant city which has magnificent buildings next to beautiful, newly built cafes, restaurants, muse…

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Panorámica de Santiago by Gonzalo Baeza - licensed under CC

Santiago de Chile

Santiago is situated in an enviable position at the foot of the Andes in central Chile, at the point where the Mapocho an…

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Cusco by Indrik myneur - licensed under CC


Beautiful Cusco was the centre of the Inca Empire and is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the continent.

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Buenos Aires by Rodrigo Paredes - licensed under CC

Buenos Aires

This is a city of contrasts; bohemian Palermo and solemn Recoleta stand in contrasts to lively La Boca and the crowds of …

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Mexico City - Palacio de Bellas Artes by Jose Francisco Del Valle Mojica Follow - licensed under CC

Mexico City

Spread out in a huge mountain bowl, Mexico City is a bustling, dynamic and cosmopolitan city, combining ancient heritage …

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City Guide: Rio de Janeiro

Discover the best of Rio de Janeiro with our short guide to the Marvelous City.

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City Guide: Buenos Aires

Read our Buenos Aires city guide to uncover the best of Latin America's most stylish city.

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Santiago by Javier Vieras - licensed under CC

City Guide: Santiago de Chile

Get to know the Chilean capital with our guide to the best of Santiago.

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City Guide: La Paz

Get the inside track on Bolivia's high altitude capital La Paz with our first-hand city guide.

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City Guide: Cusco

Discover what to do and where to go in the historic city of Cusco in Peru.

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Bogota, Colombia by Pedro Szekely - licensed under CC

City Guide: Bogotá

Get the lowdown on Colombia's high altitude capital, with our handy Bogota city guide.

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