Get closer to nature in Venezuela, home to some of South America’s most dramatic landscapes

Venezuela is a country defined by its spectacular landscapes - tropical beaches, immense plains, enormous rivers, dense jungle, thunderous waterfalls and great mountains. The clear, warm waters of its Caribbean coastline are ideal for snorkeling and diving, while just off the coast are numerous islands, resplendent with white sand, crystal clear-waters, languid palm trees and azure skies. The tropical lowlands boast rich biodiversity and wildlife activity, yet within the same country are high Andean peaks, providing a challenge to trekkers and mountaineers. The country’s star attraction is the Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall, hidden amongst table-top mountains, deep canyons and vast grassy savannah, deep in the mysterious Canaima National Park.

Country Facts

Language: Spanish - Capital: Caracas - Time Difference: GMT -4 Hours - Flying time from UK: 13H 35M one stop - Currency: Bolívar

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Angel Falls by Jeanpaul Razzouk - licensed under CC

Angel Falls

Nestled deep in the verdant heart of the Canaima National Park is the mesmerising Salto Angel, the world's highest waterf…

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Ciudad Bolivar by Guillermo Ramos Flamerich - licensed under CC

Ciudad Bolivar

One of the country's most attractive cities, situated on the banks of the mighty Orinoco River and with a charming coloni…

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Isla Margarita by John Bäckstrand - licensed under CC

Isla Margarita

The island of Margarita is a haven of white sand beaches, blue seas, natural beauty and a place to relax.

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Tropical grassland plain in Los llanos, Venezuela. by Fernando Flores - licensed under CC

Los Llanos

This is an area of flat savanna, seasonally flooded plains in the centre of the country, where there is a rich biodiversi…

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Los Roques, Venezuela by Alessandro Caproni - licensed under CC

Los Roques

Los Roques archipelago captures the true essence of the Caribbean - white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, …

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